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At Global Metal Powders, we use a wide range of proprietary technologies to manufacture superior metal powders used in automotive, electronics, glass, medical equipment, photovoltaics, semiconductor and sputtering targets applications.

Operations and services we perform include crushing, milling & sizing; material sourcing; and recycling.

When you depend on Global Metal Powders for all of your metal powder requirements, you get an experienced team of professionals that responds quickly to your specific needs, and that is committed to developing thorough understanding of your business and establishing a long-term relationship.

Chromium Metal Powders

Superior Powders for Demanding Applications

Metal parts and components used in the harshest environments deliver optimal performance if they’re made with quality powders. That’s why we use dedicated production lines to produce:

By making only one type of powder on each line, we maximize control of iron (Fe) contamination to supply our customers with products that set the industry standard.