Customized Metal Powders for the Most Challenging Applications

With formulations that are ideal for the harshest environments, we’re prepared to be your single source for quality metal powders. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

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We also offer Chrome Carbide and Rare Earth Powders.

All of our powders are made with the latest equipment and are available in -12 to -325 mesh in these compositions:


Chromium (Cr)

Our Cr powders are ideal for Electronic Components, Glass Coatings and Sputtering Targets applications. They include:


Molybdenum (Mo)

Mo powders are well-suited to the production of Automotive Parts & Components, Photovoltaics and Sputtering Targets. Our most popular formulation is:


Niobium (Nb)

Nb powders are highly effective in maximizing the quality of Electronic Components, Photovoltaics and Sputtering Targets. Our highest-demand Nb product is:


Tantalum (Ta)

Ta powders lend themselves to the production of high-performance Electronic Components, Semiconductors and Sputtering Targets. The most in-demand formulations are:


Titanium (Ti)

This low-density, high-strength material is used extensively in Medical Equipment Components, Photovoltaics and Semiconductors. The formulations our customers request most often are:


Tungsten (W)

A hard, rare metal, W is ideal for Automotive and Electronics Components, and Sputtering Targets. (Request tech data information from factory)